Boho Mountainside Wedding | Miranda + Luke


Miranda + Luke’s wedding was a literal DREAM!

When Miranda first reached out to me about shooting her wedding, I’ll admit — I was a little intimidated at first! Not only is she an incredible and rad wedding videographer herself, but her sister Cassie is a super talented wedding photographer as well! (no pressure!) but more than anything I felt insanely honored to be trusted to capture her and Luke’s wedding day. And holy crap was it a good one!! Everything about their was so laid-back, completely stress-free and go-with-the-flow. It was perfection!

Before the met at the alter, their love story first began at church. They first met when Miranda was entering into her second year of a full time leadership internship at her church and Luke was apart of the incoming crew for his first year with this internship. Luke says when he first saw her he was instantly excited to do leadership school full time once he knew he was in it with Miranda. They spent every day together for almost a year with crew of about 10 others, which was actually a group of some of her closest and lifelong friends. They both spent time each growing in their individual relationships with God and throughout that time Miranda started to become interested in Luke as well. They very naturally became great friends and Miranda recalled that being around each other so often, she “got to see what kind of man he is, what kind of friend he is and I got to witness to all these amazing qualities about him”. Little did they know at the time that as they both were getting to know each other, they both had secretly developed feelings for each other! They never spoke a word about this to each other until after they both graduated from their leadership school and immediately afterward both blurted it out! It didn't take long before they began dating and falling in love and getting married in this beautiful ceremony surrounded by nature and loved ones. Miranda + Luke’s wedding was so raw and real and full of love, happiness and Jesus and will forever be one of my favorite wedding experiences of all time! Thank you so much Miranda + Luke for choosing me to be a part of such a special day!

PS - the groom built their gorgeous wedding arch himself!! How cool is that?!