Mt. Spokane Engagment | Spokane, WA | Cassidy + Trent


I knew Cassidy + Trent would be amazing friends of mine the second they reached out to me about booking their wedding! They we’re so kind, fun and full of love for each other the moment I met them and trusted my vision from the very beginning that I knew we could definitely make some magic happen! The day of their engagement shoot, we decided to meet up for some ice cream at Sweet Peaks in downtown Spokane, Washington before heading up to Mt. Spokane together. I brought up the idea of doing a mini ice cream shoot together to start their session while we were there and they we’re 100% up for it! I love, love, love when my couples are all about doing something unique and creative together for their shoots so it was such a joy when Cassidy + Trent just went for it and let my creativity fly!

A little while later, we hopped in the car together and drove up to Mt. Spokane to finish off the day. We chatted about Cassidy’s job as a pediatric nurse in Boise, how Trent was finishing up his degree in Graphic Design and Marketing (hey — that’s what I studied too!) and all about our love for our fur babies. Once we got to the top of the mountain, we quickly jumped out of the car as the light was fading and ran around together through the snow, catching flakes in our mouths, having snowball fights and just enjoying the time we had together. They were so light hearted, joyful and in love it wasn’t hard to capture the magic that was these two!! Every frame perfectly captured their love for one another and the connection they share that I would have stayed on that mountain for hours with them if I could have!

As we wrapped up our session, I had a super last minute idea that of course Cassidy + Trent were all up for because they’re rockstars and I love them to bits for it! At this point, it was almost pitch black outside so I had them sit in front of my car headlights for some extra illumination to try to capture a few last images. (scroll to end for the pics!) It was snowing up a storm and we were all freezing and soaked to the bone and I honestly wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get the shots we did but holy cow, DID WE!!!! These pictures have genuinely become some of my favorite images I’ve ever created in my life and it all came down to these two trusting me with everything. This day absolutely set my heart and soul on fire and I will be forever grateful for my couples who are up for anything, who let me push my creative boundaries and who pour back into me as much as I pour into them. This day was one for the books!


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