here’s my promise to you

I will go all out for you — every. single. time. I will pour into you if you let me and I will always want to capture the real you, the raw you, the authentic you -- not some posed, fake version of who you are because who you really are is beautiful and i want you to believe that. I truly and genuinely deeply care about all of my couples because their moments matter. Your moments matter. Your story matters. And my number one goal is to capture yours behind my lens and give you photos that will do your story justice. where ever you are at in life, it deserves to be captured.


so you’re looking for you photographer, huh…

Let's be real, it's always tough making the right decision for you when it comes to choosing the perfect one! There's so many different photographers... styles... prices.... trust me, I get it! And to be perfectly honest - I want you to be picky! Seriously! I know that I am not always going to be the perfect fit for everyone. If you're interested in a photographer that just comes and takes your photos and leaves or who has the best deal or the lowest rock bottom prices, then I might not the photographer for you.

BUT — if you’re all about messy hair, belly laughs, authentic moments and a photographer who will go above + beyond for you — well then, I’m the right girl for you!!

I’m the photographer who will make cat noises at you to make you laugh, who will hold your dress when you have to go pee, who will pour your groomsmen shots + who will embrace the sun, rain and snow for you to get the most epic pics of your love. I’m the photographer who wants to build lasting friendships with my couples! I want to chat, to hang out, to learn what you love, what you hate, what your dog's name is... (for real though) I want to get to know you! The REAL you! I love the couples who crave adventure. Who want to hike a little, hang out in a waterfall or jump into a lake. Who care more about their love for each other than achieving "perfection". I love the humans who embrace their uniqueness, their personality and breach all things traditional. I love the people who understand that life happens, weather is fickle and pets don't sit still, and who embrace it whole-heartedly because they know there's beauty in authenticity.

My goal during any session is to capture the little moments - the pure, raw, unadulterated emotion. And while - yes, we'll still totally get those photos of you smiling and looking at the camera, we'll be primarily focused on us having fun spending time with your loved one. And don't worry! You don't have to be a model or have any experience in front of a camera or even be comfortable in front of one for us to make magic happen! (And let's be honest - no one is every really ever THAT comfortable in front of a camera.) I'll be there to direct you throughout the whole session so you never feel awkward, but I'll also always make sure that you're having fun and interacting - not just robotically placed into stiff, traditional Pinterest poses.

I want you to invest in yourself and in your photos in the way that I want to invest in you. So if you're ready to:

Be adventurous
Play games
Dance a little
Laugh a lot
Tell stories
Be vulnerable

then we might be a perfect match! So let’s get together, get this friendship started and capture all of those moments that matter the most!

xx Katie



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Q + A


Where are you located? 


I'm based in Spokane, WA, but I am available for travel!


Do you travel?


Oh heck yes I do! I have loved traveling the world my entire life and have no plans on stopping any time soon. Email me and we can chat about travel + destination costs!


Are we a good fit for each other?


Are you adventurous and ready to explore? Are you down with possibly going on a short hike or getting a little messy? Do you enjoy the simple moments in life and don't take yourself too seriously? Do you value the real, Genuine moments of life -- belly laughs, tears and everything in between over posed perfection? Then yes! We will be a great fit! The clients who fit me best (and vice versa) value love, life and embrace their own unique personalities. They trust me and my vision for them as well as understand that photography is an investment made now for their future and beyond.


How far in advance should I book with you?


Sooner is always better! I'm always taking clients so if you have your heart set on a specific date, let's get that locked down asap so it can all be yours! I prefer sessions to be booked at a minimum of 3-4 weeks out locally (1-2 months anywhere else) and 3+ months out for weddings, but if your date is available when you inquire then that date can be yours!


How do I book with you? 


You can contact me through email or through the contact form on my website! We'll chat details and make sure we have the perfect session set up for you! I also will require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer fee prior to our session.


Do you edit all the images we will receive? 


Yup! I hand edit each individual myself to get the desired and cohesive overall look! In the end you will receive a mixture of color and black + white images.


How / when will we receive the images? 


Depending on my workload, you will get a email after your session that will contain a unique, password protected link to your online gallery where you can access all of your images in high-resolution! You will be able to download them and/or share them with friends and family from there. The time period varies between engagement sessions, weddings etc.


Can I share the images that you give me?


Yes, of course! You will have have shared rights to the images and will be allowed to use them how you choose. I just ask that you tag and credit me in any images that you do use online or on social media and that you do not under any circumstances, crop, edit, or add filters of any kind to the final images.


Help! What do i wear?


Just be yourself! For all sessions, I recommend wearing something primarily comfortable because we will be moving around a lot and it will help to accentuate your style and personality. When you book with me, I'll give you ALL the details on what you should / shouldn't wear so you'll be 100% comfortable and confident walking into our session! If you have questions or need more help in this area, I'll be more than happy to design a Pinterest inspiration board unique for you. I'll be also be asking you to send me images of your outfits in advance to make sure that we will get the most successful images together and in the planned venue/environment!


I booked you for my engagement session. can i book you for my wedding too?


Abso-freakin-lutely! Let's do it! Engagement shoots are complimentary when you book your wedding with me also. So let me know in advance and let's make some magic happen!


I won’t be needing the engagement session that comes with my wedding package. Can I get a discount?


There are no discounts for un-used engagement sessions. Engagement sessions come complimentary with some of my packages which means they’re no additional cost to you. So you have the option to do one or not do one but the pricing will still be the same either way! I include them for free because it gives us a chance to work together before the big day and helps me get to know you better and lets you learn how I work! I always highly recommend taking advantage of them for these reasons, but I totally understand its no do-able for everyone! All of my packages have been set to their baseline pricing and cannot be deducted from, only added too.


What is your retainer and refund policy?


As stated in the contract you would sign, there is a 50% non-refundable down-payment (retainer) for weddings to reserve your date. The complete payment will be due no later than 1 month before the contracted session date. If the final payment is not received at this time, a 10% penalty per day will incur on the outstanding balance. There are no refunds on any packages unless otherwise stated in the contract. For engagement sessions, portraits etc. the payment is due in full at the time of signing the contract.



Still have questions? Fill out the contact form on my website