Ultimate List of the Top 60 Elopement Destinations in the U.S.

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Post Summary: We’re wrapping up the year with a MASSIVE list of the top 60 best elopement destinations in the U.S. Yes, that’s right – all the best, most epic locations that you need to consider for your adventure elopement. Because 60 ideas is a lottttt of ideas, I’ve organized them by category: mountain, rainforest, waterfall, coastal, desert, & tropical locations. That way, if you have an idea of what type of location you’re looking for, or at least the kind of scenery you want as your backdrop, you can head straight to that section.

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I’ve included descriptions of some of my own personal favorite locations, and then some of the other locations won’t have a description – just a link to find out more about it! Because let’s be real – you’re not going to sit down and read descriptions of 60 freaking locations😅

I hope this ultimate list of the 60 best places to elope in the U.S. inspires you and helps you find the PERFECT location for your dream elopement! And if you need some guidance, I’ve been to a good chunk of these locations + have photographed many an elopement – so I’d love to help you pick the best one for your big day. Reach out to me here, and let’s start dreaming up your one-of-a-kind adventure elopement in the U.S.!

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Best Mountain Elopement Locations in the U.S.

1. Mount Rainier National Park | Washington

You cannot beat Mount Rainier National Park when it comes to beautiful places to elope in the Pacific Northwest. Packed with stunning wildflowers, alpine meadows, trails galore, and breathtaking mountain views everywhere you look, it truly is the dream location for any couple looking to have an adventurous Washington elopement! Plus, it’s only about a 2-hour drive from Seattle, making it an easily accessible location from most of the state.

And if you’re dreaming of having a hiking elopement, Mount Rainier will be a dream come true for you! With over 260 trails of various lengths, skill levels & abilities, you have endless options for beautiful hikes & incredible views, whether you want to find a 10-mile hike or a 1-mile walk. Fun fact - it’s also one of the most popular places to summit a 14er using traditional mountaineering equipment!

Check out my Mount Rainier Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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2. North Cascades National Park | Washington

The reasons to elope in the North Cascades are ENDLESS. Simply by driving along State Route 20 (the North Cascades Scenic Highway) you get to experience breathtaking mountain views, and you’ll want to pull out your camera literally everywhere you stop along the highway - whether you stop at an actual rest area, scenic overlook, or just randomly on the side of the road.

Along with the scenic views everywhere you look, the North Cascades are an absolute DREAM for outdoor-lovers who are ready for an adventure in the mountains. Choose from a long list of options: horseback riding, bird & wildlife viewing, fishing, boating, camping in the woods, hiking through some of the best mountain country in the US, backcountry climbing, backpacking, biking, & more! It’s the perfect destination for couples looking to combine their Pacific Northwest elopement with some form of outdoor adventure, whether by themselves or with their invited guests.

Check out my North Cascades Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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3. Olympic National Park | Washington

Olympic National Park encompasses nearly a million acres on the west side of Washington, a little over 2 hours north of Seattle (depending on the part of the park you're visiting.) It's closest to the towns of Port Angeles and Forks (yes, Forks - where they filmed a lot of the Twilight movies!), and is seriously one of the most diverse parks you may ever visit! Not only does it offer amazing views of the Olympic mountain range (hence the name), you also have access to crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, unique rainforests, & more beautiful views than you could ask for.

Check out my Olympic National Park Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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4. Mt. Baker | Washington

The Mt. Baker Wilderness is a part of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (who knew, right?), located in northwest Washington near the towns of Deming & Glacier. It’s the third-highest mountain in Washington, the fifth-highest in the Cascades, and is also often referred to by its native name, Kulshan.

I could write sooo many reasons why you should elope at Mt. Baker, but here’s the main one: the INSANELY beautiful mountain views that Baker has to offer, even if you don’t want to hike multiple miles to access them. There are trail options for people of all ages and mobility levels, including short, wheelchair-friendly trails to longer, more challenging backpacking adventures, and all the way in between – all of which will get you gorgeous mountain & alpine meadow views of some sort!

Check out my Mt. Baker Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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5. Crater Lake National Park | Oregon

How does eloping on a lake formed in the mouth of a sleeping volcano sound? One of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the country and one of the purest in the world. Surrounded by massive cliffs, with a myth-like island (aptly named Wizard Island!) in the middle, Crater Lake is a pretty magical place. It's a color of blue you’ll never see anywhere else. You honestly have to see it to believe it.

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6. Glacier National Park | Montana

Glacier National Park is home to over 700 miles of beautiful hiking trails of different lengths, levels of difficulty, and accessibility levels. It’s a really great park that truly has something for EVERYBODY, whether you want to backpack 15 miles through the mountains or take a quick 15-minute walk to a gorgeous viewpoint with your guests!

In addition to the plentiful opportunities for hiking, Glacier has so many outdoor activities that are pretty dang hard to beat, from biking to horseback riding to whitewater rafting to fishing and more. Go ice fishing or snowshoeing in the winter, take a rock climbing trip in the summer, see the wildflowers in the spring, or check out the breathtaking scenery from above in a helicopter in the fall.

Check out my Glacier National Park Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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7. Bozeman | Montana

8. Shoshone National Forest | Montana

9. Flathead National Forest | Montana

10. Big Sky | Montana

Want some more stunning Montana elopement locations? Head to my guide to the 32 Best Places to Elope in Montana!

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11. Yosemite National Park | California

Yosemite National Park is one of the TOP elopement destinations in the entire country – and for good reason! This park has it all: insane mountain views, dramatic cliffsides, epic hikes, and gorgeous waterfalls. 

Take a look at the 20 Best Places to Elope at Yosemite for specific spots you can’t miss!

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12. Mammoth Lakes | California

Mammoth Lakes is a ski resort town that sits in the Sierra Nevada mountains, known obviously for its amazing ski areas, the unique basalt formation of Devils Postpile National Monument, and the beautiful nearby lakes. The mountain peak views in Mammoth Lakes are truly unbeatable, and it’s only about a 2-hour drive from Yosemite!

13. Alabama Hills | California

The Alabama Hills are a formation of hills & rocks at the base of the Sierra Nevadas that provide a super stunning, unique desert AND mountainous landscape. Rock climbers will looove the Alabama Hills, and if you manage to visit in the spring, you may be gifted with some stunning wildflowers leading up to the hills!

14. Grand Teton National Park | Wyoming

15. Denali National Park | Alaska

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Best Rainforest Elopement Locations in the U.S.

16. Hoh Rain Forest | Washington

The Hoh Rain Forest is one of the coolest rainforests you’ll ever see, truly. Full of lush green canopy, vibrant moss, and super unique tree roots, it feels like something right out of a fairytale! It’s located on the west side of the park via the Upper Hoh Road, about a 2-hour drive from Port Angeles and less than an hour from Forks. 

Walking through the trees is an incredibly enchanting experience, rain or shine - it DOES rain a lot (hence the name), so be prepared for not-so-clear skies! Whether you want to walk, bike, or hike, you’ve got plenty of options in the Hoh Rain Forest, and it’s the most amazing place for couples dreaming of eloping under the green trees of the PNW.

bride and groom walking together hoh rainforest landscape

17. Mount Hood Wilderness | Oregon

Mt. Hood is an obvious Oregon destination that you have to consider for your elopement! The National Forest is absolutely stunning and filled with opportunities for adventure, whether you want to backpack through the trails, visit alpine lakes & streams, go skiing, or visit the actual mountain. It’s easy to visit both the Gorge & the Hood River area if you want to travel around a few different spots in Oregon on your trip!

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18. Redwoods National & State Parks | California

The Redwood National & State Parks are the obvious choice for couples dreaming of eloping in one of the most incredible forest locations in the country! Just picture saying your vows under some of the tallest trees on Earth, surrounded by lush greenery, insane old growth, and hiking + biking + horseback riding trails galore. Visiting the Redwoods is a must-do when you take a trip to Cali!

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19. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park | California

20. Chugach National Forest | Alaska

21. Hamakua Coast | Big Island, Hawaii

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Best Waterfall Elopement Locations in the U.S.

22. Yosemite Falls | California

23. Latourell Falls | Oregon

Latourell Falls sits along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, right off the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway. It’s only one stream of water, but is seriously one of the most beautiful waterfalls along the gorge, surrounded by lush green forest & trails to explore! It’s also super easy to get to; just park in the parking lot, walk a few minutes down a trail, and you’re there! Or, you can take the 2.4-mile Latourell Falls Loop Hike if you’re looking for a little bit longer of an adventure. 

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24. Multnomah Falls | Oregon

25. Havasu Falls | Arizona

26. Palouse Falls | Washington

27. Niagara Falls | New York

28. Manoa Falls | Oahu, Hawaii

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Best Coastal Elopement Locations in the U.S.

29. Cannon Beach | Oregon

You’ve most likely heard of Cannon Beach if you’re at all familiar with the Oregon Coast, because it’s one of the more popular coastal towns & tourist spots. Cannon Beach is right near Ecola State Park and has tons of cute shops & restaurants to check out. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach is an iconic seastack that you’ve probably seen in photos - it creates super beautiful reflections in the water on clear days, and is a fun spot to walk around if you want to find some tidepools or have a bonfire on the beach!

bride ang room walking together cannon beach landscape

30. Hug Point | Oregon

Hug Point is another recreation site near Ecola State Park, just a few miles from Cannon Beach. It offers stunning scenery with a variety of terrain to explore, including caves, green grassy areas, lush forests, cliff edges, the beach (obviously), and even a small waterfall! It’s got to be one of my favorite places along the coast because it’s so easy to access and is super close to Cannon Beach + Ecola. 

bride and groom sitting together hug point landscape

31. Cape Kiwanda | Oregon

The Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area is another popular coastal spot you may have seen in photos, famous for its absolutely gorgeous orange sandstone, insane viewpoints, and unique caves + tidepools. It sits just north of Pacific City, another great coastal town to walk around, and will seriously blow your mind no matter how many times you visit! The rocks & crevices are super cool to explore – just make sure you stay safe and are aware of dangerous, potentially eroding cliff edges!

bride and groom walking together cape kiwanda landscape

32. Big Sur | California

Big Sur is a freaking spectacular section of the central California coast that boasts rugged coastline, blue ocean views, redwood forests, & beautiful mountain landscapes. It’s one of the BEST parts of California if you want to elope in front of the ocean and be able to just pull off the side of the road & have easy access to epic views, but also have the opportunity to go further inland and explore the forests!

bride and groom standing together big sur landscape

33. Southern Oregon Coast

bride and groom walking together southern oregon coast landscape

34. Washington Coast

The Washington Coast is one of the most magical places complete with dramatic and moody vibes, lush forests and rugged beaches! Some of my favorite Washington beaches are Rialto Beach, Cape Flattery, Second Beach, Ruby Beach and Cape Disappointment State park. For the outdoor lovers, there are even some amazing spots for some oceanfront camping on Kalaloch beach (right next to Ruby Beach.)

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Best Desert Elopement Locations in the U.S.

35. Yellowstone National Park | Wyoming

36. Grand Canyon National Park | Arizona

37. Petrified Forest National Park | Arizona

38. Saguaro National Park | Arizona

If you’re still deciding where exactly you want to elope, here are a few ways to know if Saguaro National Park is the right choice for ya:

  • You love the sight of massive cacti covering the desert
  • You want a variety of hiking, camping, & backpacking opportunities to choose from
  • You’re okay with dry heat if you elope in the summer
  • You want to go stargazing under the open desert sky
  • You want the chance to experience a phenomenal desert sunset
  • You want to stay in an Airbnb in the middle of the desert, away from the busyness of life
  • You want to be able to explore the park you elope at in just a day or two

Check out my Saguaro National Park Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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39. Horseshoe Bend | Arizona

Check out my Horseshoe Bend Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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40. Lake Powell & Glen Canyon | Arizona

bride and groom standing together lake powell and glen canyon landscape

41. Vermilion Cliffs | Arizona

42. Sedona | Arizona

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43. Sonoran Desert | Arizona

44. Joshua Tree National Park | California

Joshua Tree is another one of Cali’s amazing national parks, but instead of coastline & blue ocean waters, it offers an incredible desert landscape! It’s seriously the dream destination for a desert elopement, with super rugged rock formations, Joshua trees (who could’ve guessed that one?!), and tons of wide-open land to explore. Plus, the JT area has some of the coooolest Airbnb’s around that have insane decor, hot tubs, & allll the cozy + modern desert vibes.

45. Death Valley National Park | California

Death Valley is super underrated, in my opinion! It’s another absolutely epic national park in Cali and is THE place to go if you want to experience insane landscapes and are okay with extreme weather. The heat in the summer is pretty nuts, so I highly recommend eloping here in the spring or fall – if & when it rains in Death Valley, spring brings super beautiful wildflowers to the area! But really, all you’ll need is the incredible desert peaks, unreal sunsets, and painted hills to make your elopement feel out of this world.

46. Little Sahara | Utah

bride and groom sitting with camel little sahara landscape

47. Monument Valley | Utah

48. Moab | Utah

Check out my Moab Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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49. Zion National Park | Utah

There are so many reasons to elope at Zion, but here are a few:

  • The desert landscapes are incredible, with massive river-filled canyons, expansive valley views, slot canyons, beautiful natural color palettes, & more
  • It’s within driving distance of more incredible destinations (Bryce Canyon National Park & the Glen Canyon Recreation Area are both about 1.5 hours away)
  • There are tons of amazing lodging options nearby
  • Incredible opportunities for outdoor adventure, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, rappelling, and even kayaking/paddle boarding nearby
  • Epic sunrises + sunsets in the warm-weather months
  • There’s no waiting period for Utah marriage licenses

Check out my Zion National Park Elopement Guide for all the deets!

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50. Arches National Park | Utah

bride and groom walking together arches national park landscape

51. Canyonlands National Park | Utah

canyonlands national park landscape

52. Bryce Canyon National Park | Utah

53. Capitol Reef National Park | Utah

54. Dead Horse State Park | Utah

55. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park | Utah

56. Bonneville Salt Flats | Utah

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Best Tropical Elopement Locations in the U.S.

57. Palm Springs | California

Palm Springs has a TON to offer to eloping couples, from luxurious resorts to off-road adventures to day trips to Joshua Tree! It’s the perfect place to stay if you want to find a cozy Airbnb or splurge on a nice hotel with a spa to pamper you, then head off for some outdoor adventures afterward.

58. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park | Big Island, Hawaii

59. Haleakalā National Park | Maui, Hawaii

60. Waimea Canyon State Park | Kauai, Hawaii

waimea canyon state park landscape

BONUS: Best ADA-Accessible Elopement Locations in the Pacific Northwest

Whewww you made it through all of that!👏🏼  Now if you’re on the hunt for ADA-accessible locations so that you and all of your guests are able to enjoy your adventure elopement, no matter your physical mobility, check out two special guides I put together below. 

18 ADA-Accessible Elopement Locations in Washington State

26 ADA-Accessible Elopement Locations in Oregon

Happy location-hunting!


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