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There are no limits to love and no boundaries for your special day!

What matters to YOU?

It seems like a simple question, but it can quickly get complicated. So, I want to encourage you to keep it simple:

Your moments matter.

Your story matters.

Your love matters.

Does stress matter? Does family drama? Does tradition matter more than having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure together?

It’s your ONE day. How do you want to remember it?

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It’s your best day ever, I’m here to keep it that way

Connection and authenticity are what I live for — and what better way to live those out than spending my days with the most amazing couples on an epic adventure to embody their most genuine love story? The best part? Capturing legacies through photography and helping you relive those sacred moments over and over again.

I became an elopement photographer because I believe that everyone deserves a wedding experience that intentionally, authentically and radically reflects them — because how you get married matters! Elopements aren’t a second-rate, lesser version of getting married. They’re a powerful, emotional and deeply profound and meaningful experience. And that’s why I’m here — to capture your love story the way it deserves to be told.

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What is an "elopement"?

When you hear the word “elopement,” what comes to mind?

In the past, elopements often meant running away in secret to get married, usually because of disapproving opinions. But today, the term elopement means so much more.

An elopement means getting to choose a different kind of wedding day experience.

A deep, intentional celebration of love. An authentic reflection of your relationship. It means having a day spent the way YOU want it to — not worried about what everyone thinks you should do or because “tradition” says so.

It means creating a space for meaningful conversation with your partner.

It means crafting a day you will enjoy every second of -- from beginning to end. A day free of stress and full of excitement, fun, and love. The beauty of eloping is getting to be fully and authentically yourselves. Getting to feel every emotion deeply, without judging eyes. Being fully present with your partner and just savoring your love for one another.

Reasons to elope

To me, your elopement day it's not just about taking beautiful photos. It's about ensuring your day feels like the most authentic experience you and your partner could have. To slow down, spend time together connecting with one another and get lost in the magic of it all.

You deserve to feel exactly how you always dreamed to–to take the time to feel every single moment – big or little – no rush or stress, no list of things you need to do or pressures from tradition.

So if you need me to pick up your favorite cup of coffee before our sunrise hike, encourage you to leap into the lake in your dress because you told me it was always a dream (there's no sneaking out of this one, sorry!), or hold your hair while the wind whips around so you can perfectly reapply lipstick–I'm there.

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Wherever you choose to get ready -- an Airbnb, tent, treehouse, home or beyond -- I'll meet you there! Ready to capture all the love, laughter and joy that unfolds throughout your once-in-a-lifetime adventure so you can relive the best day of your life over and over again. Whether it's through your digital photos, prints or even an heirloom album! You'll have sneak peeks delivered with love to your inbox within a week of your epic adventure so you can share the experience with all of your loved ones.

If you're ready to get this party started, let's make your day official! This is where the fun part truly begins. Once you've signed your contract and paid your first payment you will unlock all my planning resources and unlimited consultations for your dream day! From personalized location ideas and wedding guides to lists of activities, custom itineraries, questionnaires and so much more -- we'll making planning your day a breeze!

Let's get to know each other! We'll hop on a FaceTime, Zoom or phone call and chat about all your day. Don't worry -- it's okay if you don't have it all figured out yet! That's what I'm here for. We'll start by going over your vision and dreams for your day, what you value most when it comes to eloping and any and all questions you have when it comes to eloping and my in-depth planning process.

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You deserve the most intimate, meaningful, life changing wedding experience!

In order to make your dream elopement day happen, it's super important that we connect and that you feel comfortable with me! The best way to do this is to reach out and schedule a call so you can learn more about me and I can learn about you two so i can document what's real + the most important to you.

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