Most likely, you've never planned your own elopement + intimate wedding before! As someone who had an elopement wedding herself, I know how many questions, thoughts, concerns, etc. can run through your head throughout the planning process.

Does an elopement feel more like me than a big, traditional wedding? Where do I elope? How do I tell my family? How do I make sure they still feel loved, valued and included even if they aren't part of my actual wedding day? What if I do want my family there - does it still count as an elopement? (spoiler: HELL YES!) Do I bring my dogs? (double spoiler: the answer is also always HELL YES!)

You have the questions, I have the answers! Browse through some of my most popular and helpful blog articles dedicated to all things elopements + intimate wedding related. Still have questions? Shoot me a message and let's get to talking! I'm here to be an open resource for you forever and always!

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