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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions my couples typically ask. Take a second and read through them and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more!


Are we a good fit

for each other?


Do you travel for shoots

and weddings?

Are you adventurous and ready to explore? Are you down with possibly going on a short hike or getting a little messy? Do you enjoy the simple moments in life and don't take yourself too seriously? Do you value the real, genuine moments of life -- belly laughs, tears and everything in between over posed perfection? Then yes! We will be a great fit! The clients who fit me best (and vice versa) value love, life and embrace their own unique personalities. They trust me and my vision for them as well as understand that photography is an investment made now for their future and beyond.

Absolutely yes! I'm currently a wedding photographer based in Washington state, but I have loved traveling the world my entire life and have no plans on stopping any time soon.. I even have special offers for people who take me to the places on my bucket list which you can check out here! I'm also happy to create a customize package just for you for anywhere your heart desires.

How far in advance should I book with you?

How do I book

with you?

Sooner is always better! I'm always taking clients so if you have your heart set on a specific date, let's get that locked down asap so it can all be yours! I prefer sessions to be booked at a minimum of 3-4 weeks out locally (1-2 months anywhere else) and 3+ months out for elopements, but if your date is available when you inquire then that date can be yours!

After going through my everything in my portfolio and my website (especially all the info on "My Approach" page and "Pricing" page) then please feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page! Gimme all the details you can and I'll get in touch with you between 24-48 hours. We'll chat, get to know each other and when you guys are ready to get this party started, I'll send over the contract and the invoice (50% non-refundable retainer fee due upon booking) and we will be good to go!

What should I expect working with you?

Well, you can expect lots of running around, interaction, laughter, exploring beautiful places and getting your shoes a lil dirty, but most of all, you can expect a fun and laid back environment for you guys to truly allow you both to fully be yourselves. I LOVE capturing relationships + your stories as they really are. I've always had a gift for making people feel comfortable especially in front of the camera. No matter how awkward you think you'll feel, trust me - I got you! I will always give you just the right amount of direction so you know what to do and we can get those beautiful unposed, authentically "you" moments.

Just be yourself! For all sessions, I recommend wearing something primarily comfortable because we will be moving around a lot and it will help to accentuate your style and personality. When you book with me, I'll give you ALL the details on what you should / shouldn't wear so you'll be 100% comfortable and confident walking into our session! I'll be also be asking you to send me images of your outfits in advance to make sure that we will get the most successful images together and in the planned environment!

How many elopements + intimate weddings do you take a year?

Do you edit all the images we will receive?

Right now, I'm only taking max of 15 a year. Why? Because I want to make sure I'm giving my couples the absolute best experience and images possible and not spread myself thin! I pour so much time and energy into all of my couples every step of the way and focusing on the quality I give my couples, not quantity, is something that's super important to me.

Yup! I hand edit each individual myself to get the desired and cohesive overall look! In the end you will receive a mixture of color and black + white images.

How many images do you include?

How will we receive the images?

Every photography package varies in how many images are delivered. I promise promise promise I’ll ALWAYS include the perfect amount of images of everything I capture throughout your day. I don't personally like to give a hard cut off number because I don't believe that memories have a cut off or withholding you from any photos of your day. If the images are in focus, beautiful and truly tell part of the story, I include them. I will always give you more than enough images to remember this significant time in your lives!

I use a platform called Pixieset to deliver all of your amazing photos! After I've finished your custom gallery, I will send you over an email that will contain a unique, password protected link to your online gallery where you can access all of your images in high-resolution! You will be able to download them and/or share them with friends and family from there.

Do you deliver the unedited RAW photos?

Can you Photoshop

us in our photos?

No. I strongly believe that editing is where the magic happens with your images and that without the editing, your photos are only halfway to being complete. You wouldn't want just the dough from a professional baker instead of the cake or a heart surgeon to give you their tools for you to do your operation yourself - photos are the same. The RAWs are just the bare bones of the actual artwork and are incomplete without the editing so I do not deliver them. But I promise to never leave any photos out that you’ll ever want/need. I definitely won’t let you miss out on any of your memories!

I strongly believe in promoting body positivity and self-love within my work and my life in general, so I will not liquify, alter, sculpt or otherwise Photoshop any traits that make you, you. The only thing I will get rid of are minor temporary blemishes (things like acne, scratches + scraps or bruises). Things like tan lines or stuff in the background of getting ready photos etc. will not be edited out of photos either.

What if we need to cancel/reschedule our session or elopement?

What is your retainer and refund policy?

If you’ve already signed a contract and put a retainer down on a date then have to move it or cancel it, the retainer is legally non-refundable. You will need to make a new retainer in order to hold your new date.

As I mentioned above, there is a 50% non-refundable down-payment (retainer) for elopements and intimate weddings to reserve your date. The rest of the payment is due 1 month prior to your wedding date! If the final payment is not received at this time, a 10% penalty per day will incur on the outstanding balance. There are no refunds on any packages unless otherwise stated in the contract. For adventure sessions / couples sessions etc. the payment is due in full at the time of signing the contract.

What if there is bad weather the day of?

What happens if you can’t make it to our elopement?

I always encourage my couples to embrace the weather whatever comes our way! Especially living in the Pacific Northwest, you just never know what you're going to get. One day it's rainy, the next it's sunny and the one after that has snow. Weather can be crazy, but it also creates the opportunity for beautiful and unique in photos! If the weather is truly too harsh or dangerous to shoot in (like a hurricane or lightning) then yes, we will definitely reschedule.

Thankfully, I've never had that happen before or even come close, but I do have steps in place just in case (fingers crossed!) First off, the only reason I wouldn't be able to show up is something beyond my control (act of god, death or a terrible illness) but on the off chance that that does happen, I will do my absolute best to help find a stand-in photographer to take my place that has a similar style - although I’m not legally held to do so. If I can’t find someone to replace me on your wedding your money will be refunded.


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