Don't just let them live behind a digital screen

Art is meant to be displayed. It should be hung up on your walls, framed, admired, talked about. And your art — the photos of you on your wedding — is even more than art. It’s a living keepsake, a memento that reminds you of the love of your life and the best party you’ve ever been to. This is a piece of art that represents you!  Make your art physical with wedding photo albums.

uniquely crafted just for you,

so you can relive your most wonderful days


Do you remember seeing pictures of your grandparents’ or parents’ wedding? Isn’t there something just so nostalgic and special about holding those photos in your hands, eyes drinking in an old photo? Don’t you want to give this same feeling to your children and grandchildren? That is the power of printed photos. In the same way that you hope to hand down special family heirlooms like silverware or jewelry, photos are an heirloom that will last for lifetimes.

To put it simply - your most cherished memories deserve more than to just stay on a phone screen or buried in a folder on your dusty laptop that, let's be honest, could crash at any moment. Your photos are living, breathing momentos that deserve to be relived over and over again; a wedding photo album to be picked up in all it's beautiful leather bound glory so you and your partner can reminisce on your anniversary or seen in your living room as a daily reminder of your love or shown to your grandkids one day when wrinkles line your face and the memories themselves, begin to fade.

To look back on the happiest days of your life is such a blessing. And you'll get the most out of them by holding them in your hands. Being able to touch your memories and interact with them, that’s no small thing, it has unparalleled value.

6 reasons why you should print your photos

Here's how it works




relive your best day ever over & over

customize your wedding album

Choose your favorite photos from your day

Once you’re happy with the product, I put in the order and you will get your album within 3-5 weeks. I can't wait to get these beautiful albums straight to your door for you and your loved ones to relive your special day over and over again!

This is the fun part! Make your album unique to you by choosing any of the following options below to truly customize you wedding album experience! Browse from different sizes, covers, spreads, debossing options, fonts etc. Pick what you want, skip what you don't! I’ll send you back a draft within 7-10 days.

First things first -- choosing your photos! Start by creating a "Favorites" list within your personalized online gallery. You and your partner will choose 35-75 images to start with (depending on the amount of spreads you choose to add) and I will begin crafting the perfect album for you!

Choose your dream wedding album




10 spreads (20 pages)

handcrafted custom design

custom linen or suede cover

digital preview

10 spreads (20 pages)

handcrafted custom design

custom linen or suede cover

digital preview

10 spreads (20 pages)

handcrafted custom design

Custom linen or suede cover

Digital Preview




Cover Materials

One of the best parts of creating your custom wedding album are all of the fun and unique options you can choose from! Customize your color, choose between vegan leather or vegan suede and even opt for debossing or handmade boxes for a truly timeless wedding album experience.

opal (leather)

twilight (leather)

fawn (leather)

brook (leather)

Vegan Leather Covers

Hickory (leather)

nightfall (leather)

Created with 100% vegan leather, these neutral-toned albums are known for their exceptional texture, matte finish, strength, and durability. They age so beautifully and are smooth and luxurious so you know they will last a lifetime.

Marble (Leather)

Sterling (suede)

Vegan Suede Covers

Pebble (leather)

These 100% vegan suede albums are rich velvet texture that feels every bit as luxurious as it looks. They are buttery smooth, created for lasting durability and colors inspired by some of the most beautiful tones found in nature.

Shale (leather)

Handcrafted Walnut Wood Box

Store, elevate and protect your heirloom album with beautiful wooden presentation box. Each box is handcrafted from start to finish and feature dovetail joints and your choice of three stains.

The woodworkers mill each piece of wood in a multi-day process, allowing time for acclimation and refining so that each walnut box has smooth matte finish, dark grain and are genuine hardwood. The Walnut Box is both durable and elegant and every bit as alluring as the albums they’re paired with.

Personalize each lid with custom engraving.

starting at $350

mini albums


The perfect add-on for gifts for parents and grandparents or just because. These small, most adorable pocket-sized albums are scaled down replicas made from your larger album! Each comes with 10-50 spreads (20-100 pages.) They will have the same layout and cover as the larger album, but debossing is not available due to their size.

Bring a hand-crafted finishing touch to your covers with debossing you will want to run your hands over. You can one of 14 font types and choose up to two lines of text and any letter case of your choice.

Starting at $55

Starting at $250

Additional spreads

Cost per additional spread

10 thick, smooth textured spreads (20 pages) are included in each album and are printed on the highest quality archival photographic paper to make sure your photos stand the test of time. most people opt for a 25 page spread (50 pages), but you can always add as many as you choose.


The max amount of spreads you can have is 50 (100 pages)

There’s nothing like having that physical photo in your most beautiful frame on display in your home, or better yet, an entire photo album you can look through to reminisce on the most wonderful day. Your photos are a work of art. And art is meant to be displayed! Especially when it comes to the most important day of your life (thus far anyway). shoot me a message if you're ready to let Your photos tell your story and let's make some magic happen!

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